Sidi T-4 Air Carbon Composite Woman Triathlon Shoe

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When you’re looking to speed up your transitions as well as your bike leg, focusing on marginal gains can pay big dividends. The Sidi T-4 Air Carbon Composite Cycling shoes provide those gains.

The first of the gains, are the straps. Sidi has designed a two-strap upper, with the forefoot strap a ‘set and forget’ volume adjustment that pulls to the outside. The midfoot strap pulls to the inside, allowing you to leave it open as your shoe is locked into your pedals before you mount at the transition. And there’s a large heel loop so you can hold the shoe steady as you slide your foot in, then pull down the midfoot strap and go.

Once on the road, you’ll benefit from the two-component sole. They call it the Suola Twelve Carbon Composite. The composite are two separate pieces joined together. The sole framework is made of a nylon composite. It is what the upper is bonded to, and is very light. The second part is a carbon-fiber plate that runs most of the shoe’s length. It starts in front of the three-bolt cleat mounts, and extends to the heel pad. The carbon is stiffer and heavier, but the weight is minimized. The sole is finished with a replaceable heel pad.

The upper is built out of dimpled Politex microfiber. Politex itself is several thin layers of PVC bonded together, combining stretch resistance and protection, with the dimpling allowing your feet to breathe. As is typical of tri’  shoes, there is not tongue to fuss with. As is typical of Sidi, there’s a heel cup to help lock the back of your foot into the shoe.

The Sidi T4 Air Carbon Composite Triathlon Shoes bring Sidi’s racing tech to the triathlon world.

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