Bicycle Repair Services


We offer a full range of bicycle repair services.  From basic tune-ups to complete overhauls as well as custom builds from a bare frame to complete bike to our customer's exacting specifications.  Below you will find a breakdown of our services. We reserve the right to charge a flat hourly fee for services if we believe it will serve you, the customer, better than a la carte services.

You may find other shops with more affordable repair rates. We make no apologies for what we charge.   We are extremely meticulous and our attention to detail is beyond the ridiculous.  We care for your bike like it was our own.  We stand behind our work and offer a 30 day warranty period on all our services. Who else offers that to you?  Peace of mind and quality work that's what makes us different.  If anything and we mean anything is not to your satisfaction we repair, adjust or replace it at no cost to you!

 Ask about our Pick-up and Delivery Service or onsite repair.  We also offer shuttle service if required. REV Endurance Sports is at your service. 

BASIC TUNE  $80-$100

A Basic Tune up should be performed at least quarterly depending how much you ride, under what conditions you ride and/or how hard you ride your bike

Adjust Front and Rear Derailleur

Adjust Front and Rear Brakes

True front and rear wheels

Clean the frame

Clean the wheels

Check chain for remaining service life

Safety inspection of bicycle components to include but not limited to:

Tightening to recommend torque all bolts securing saddle, seatpost, deraileurs, brakes, stem bolts, steerer bolts, hydration kits, pedals etc

Inspect tire service life

Inspect frame structural integrity


TUNE AND DRIVE TRAIN CLEANING  $160 - $240 typically 2-3 hours labor depending on the condition of your bike

A Tune and Clean should be performed at least twice a year or more frequently depending how much you ride, under what conditions you ride and/or how hard you ride your bike

Covers all items listed in Basic Tune-up and includes but is not limited to:

Remove Cassette from wheel thorough cleaning of each individual cog, and inspection of remaining service life

Reinstall Cassette to recommended Torque specification

Remove Crankset Clean thoroughly, inspect chain rings for remaining service life,

Install Crankset torque to recommended specification

Inspect Bottom Bracket, torque to recommended specification

Remove Rear Derailleur clean thoroughly inspect pulleys

Reinstall Rear Derailleur and adjust

Remove Front Derailleur clean thoroughly

Reinstall Front Derailleur and adjust

Clean Front and Rear Brakes and inspect brake pads for remaining service life (removal from frame if really dirty)

Remove Fork and inspect headset bearings, grease and reinstall to proper torque specification on stem steerer bolts

Clean chain or replace chain if required

Thorough cleaning of frame


COMPLETE OVERHAUL  $320-$400 and up typically 4-5 hours of labor but can take longer depending on the condition of your bike

An overhaul should be performed AT LEAST once a year depending how much you ride, under what conditions you ride and/or how hard you ride your bike

 In addition to the services listed above we will:

Remove all components off your frame (derailleurs, brakes, crankset, bottom bracket, seatposts, fork, headset bearings, wheels, cassette etc)

Clean thoroughly inspect and lube

Replace all worn parts such as cassette, chain, bottom bracket, headset bearings, cables and housing)

Install new bar tape

Parts are charged separately such as (bar tape, cassette, chain, cables and housing, brake pads etc)