Cinelli Xcr frameset

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The XCR is the jewel of the Cinelli range, our most precious frame and also our highest performing: made from a material that exceeds anything else on the market for technological quality. XCr seamless stainless steel tubes allow for the construction of light and indestructible frames. The metallographic structure of this, the only biphasic steel bicycling tubing in the world, produces an unsurpassably confident and consistent ride quality, particularly in high speed descents. Completely handmade in Italy. Full custom sizing available.

TIG welded Columbus XCr triple-butted stainless steel construction with an integrated seatbinder, CNC machined dropouts, graphics and a titanium headbadge
Matched with the lightest Columbus carbon fork in production, designed specifically for the XCr frame
Hand built in Italy with custom sizes available through special
Magic mirror color is hi polished silver with black panels, red available through special order
Weight frame/fork: 1420/350g - medium (50cm)
Headset not included

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