MTX Braking Gold Label HD Brake Pads - SRAM G2 Guide / Avid XO Trail – GL175

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Specifically designed for heavier e-bikes and riders. Reap the benefit of our fade-resistant ceramic-based Gold Label HD brake pad


This model fits the following brakes:
SRAM Guide T, R, RS, RSC
Guide G2 Ultimate
Avid XO Trail.
Please check the exact dimensions in the accompanying image to verify your correct application.


Durability - Our Gold Label HD ceramic is built for heavy bikes, heavy riders and extreme terrain.
Fade-Resistance - A compound created to offer incredible protection over heat-induced brake fade
Control - Maintain feeling and control at the lever all while maximizing power and heat-management


The heavier weight of a eMTB or e-bike in general, requires brake pad material that has a higher tolerance to heat and wear.
The clydesdales
If you’re 200+ pounds, this really is the performance brake pad compound you’ve been looking for.
Steep terrain / long descents
Choose Gold Label HD to eliminate brake-fade, while maintaining outstanding modulation in adverse terrain.
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