Hutchinson Protect'Air Max Tubeless Sealant for Mountain and Road Tires, 4.0oz

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Protect' Air is a PH neutral latex based flat preventive.

⋅ Developed in conjunction with Hutchinson's sister company Atofina, which specializes in automotive chemical compounds
⋅ Protect'air liquid stays active in the tire for two years before breaking down

Reach for Hutchinson's Protect'Air Max Tire Sealant to seal up MTB and Road tubeless systems.

Designed by Hutchinson for use in tubeless tires either on dirt or on the road, its usefulness is two fold. Fist, upon installation, the latex based liquid acts to seal the casing of tubeless ready tires. Second, while riding, it acts to fill and seal small punctures to the tire and keep you rolling as if nothing happened.

Protect'Air Max Tire Sealant is suitable for use in either Road or MTB tubeless tires. 120ml.

Quantity to use:

  • Road: 30ml per tire
  • MTB: 60ml per tire (2.1 inch)
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