Muc-Off eBike Dry Chain Cleaner

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Muc-Off's advanced Dry Chain Cleaner quickly eliminates built up oil, grease and grime without the need for rinsing with water. Its unique dry ‘zero-residue’ formula means that after cleaning, it simply evaporates to leave the area thoroughly clean of grime with no residue. Works on even the toughest of grime, including waterproof grease and chain lube/wax residue.

  • Safe on all chain types
  • Safe on all rubber belt drives
  • Quick drying 'zero-residue' formula
  • Eliminates all chain contaminants to prevent chain wear
  • Rapidly removes oil, grease & grime without the need for water
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1102US
  • UPC: 5037835110203

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