Nalini Red Thermo Gloves

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Fit: Race
Fabric: Water Moa Xwarm
Membranes: Moa Mantotex
Treatments: Moa Manto W.R.T.


Waterproof thermal inner lining
Reinforcing gel cushions on the palm
Adjustable cuffs

Moa Manto W.R.T.
The revolutionary waterproof treatment with a drops roll-off effect rejects water, but also oil and mud, preventing them from penetrating into the fibres. The result is not only a maximum protection from the weathering but also easy wash and long lasting garments.

Moa Mantotex

A thermoregulating membrane that offers excellent protection against water and wind, and maintains the microclimate between the skin and fabric wicking perspiration away. The extreme lightness and the shape recovery grant an excellent comfort without affecting the specific functionality. With a water resistance > 10.000 mm and a breathability of 900 g/m2 day, Moa Mantotex is one of the mostsuitable membranes for sport activities.

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