REV Energy Carbohydrate Fuel

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LOOKING FOR CARBO PRO? REV Energy Carbohydrate fuel uses the same formulations and the highest quality ingredients. We use the exact same glucose polymers extracted from Identity Preserved GMO free corn. Whether you’re looking for quick ENERGY for an interval session or smashing your local hill climb or sustained ENERGY when spending all day on your gravel bike or triathlon race you can trust REV ENERGY to deliver you heaps of ENERGY without Gastric distress. 



| Matthew 21-07-2023 18:00

I am very pleased with the quality and performance of REV Energy Carbohydrate Fuel. I dislike eating solid foods while riding the bike, so I stick with liquid fuels, but I tend to lose my appetite for overly sweet drink mixes after several hours on the bike. Enter REV Energy Carbohydrate Fuel. This fuel has little to no taste of its own. It goes down easily and does not give me any GI issues. I've been mixing it with an electrolyte powder, and I've had stable, consistent energy both on and off the bike.

George was kind enough to give me some tips for calorie consumption during my rides. Earlier this week, I used the fuel during a two-hour tempo ride. I was already pretty fatigued after lifting heavy at the gym the previous day, but REV Energy kept my energy stable for the duration of the tempo ride. I look forward to purchasing this product again and using it as my regular fuel source.

| Elizabeth 17-07-2023 16:28

My husband loves your product, he’s a former CarboPro user, he just finished his twelfth Ironman at Couer D’Alene and us doing his thirteenth in Madison in September

| Logan 16-07-2023 18:47

I use to use CarboPro before it stopped being sold. Rev Energy delivers the same amount of carbs per serving with no sugar or added trash. Rev Energy keeps the same viscosity as water allowing me to add up to 800 calories per bottle without any stomach issues. This allows me to accomplish any training to include; swimming, biking, running, or rucking in the mountains!

| Memo Rodriguez Ortiz 15-06-2023 05:09

The first time that I used this product was when I did the Giro Di San Diego (metric) and I can say that it didn't let me down. I used three scoops of Rev fuel + two nunn tablets per 25 oz bottle (The next time I'll use four scoops). I never felt any stomach discomfort of any kind during the event and I always felt it was very very easy to drink, it never felt heavy. I absolutely love the fact that it doesn't have a specific flavor because that can easily be added with any electrolytes and the end result will be fantastic because it won't be too sweet. I'm looking forward on using this product in my future events (Mexicali - San Felipe 120 miles, Rosarito-Ensenada 50 miles and a few more).

| Rolf Bender 14-06-2023 18:35

I tried Rev Energy “Cold Turkey” for IM 70.3 Morro Bay. I have used CarboPro for years but had to switch since it’s not available anymore. Rev Energy worked the same for me. I was a little hesitant to use it in a race without a test ride. But the product performed very well. No GI issues at all and I felt energized the entire race. Would definitely recommend it

| Tommy Southwood 22-05-2023 13:57

I just finished a 130-mile windy ride with my first use of Rev Energy Carb Fuel. Of all the fuel mixes I have used, this is going to be favorite and go to.
I felt completely energized the whole ride and never needed my energy bars. I even set a new PR!
I like how there isn't an over powering taste of sugar or sweetness. My stomach handled it just fine, never felt upset. Which it tends to get with some other mixes.

I was surprised during my ride the speed I was maintaining and I wasn't even letting up. I did do something different than usual. I read on the tub about carb loading before the event. So tried that, I had a glass morning and evening for two days leading up to the ride. I am looking forward to seeing my future results and can’t wait to see what happens in my next race!

| Jessica 17-05-2023 04:40

I had been using CarboPro to fuel my 2-hour+ rides for years, but recent CarboPro availability issues left me struggling with various nutritional experiments in a realm where variability is not your friend. I was so relieved after my first ride with REV Energy onboard because I knew I’d be able to resume and continue my original endurance fueling plan without any more fooling around. REV Energy is just like CarboPro: A clean-feeling product that is gentle with my digestion and with predictable metabolic activity.

| Barbara Sullivan 16-05-2023 22:59

I used REV ENERGY last Saturday for the first time, on my 100 mile ride. I felt great and strong for the whole ride! I didn’t have to take an energy drink or sports beans. This will be my go-to product from now on. I highly recommend!

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