Speedfil Aerobundle

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Two great products come together to give you the Speedfil A2 | Z4+ Bundle. Either one of these products by themselves is great - but combined - it's just plain awesome! You get the aero advantage of the Speedfil A2 Hydration System and the super-slick Speedfil Z4+ Bottle Cage with detachable arm that holds a Garmin Edge computer.

Simply insert your Garmin Edge Quarter Turn Bike Mount into the detachable arm and presto, you're in business! And the A2 hydration system mounts neatly between your aerobar extensions for unbeatable aerodynamics. Plus the hydration system is compatible with any Specialized 21 and 24 ounce threaded water bottle for personalization and hydration options.

(Note: Computer and Garmin 1/4 turn mount sold seperately)

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