SQ Lab Saddle Race 612 Carbon

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The SQlab bike saddle
A saddle should fit like a pair of shoes!
SQlab was the first saddle manufacturer to develop a system for measuring the sit bones and calculating the optimal saddle width. All SQlab saddles are available in up to four different widths.

More space less pressure!
The lowered saddle nose of the SQlab step saddle provides more space and hence ideal relief for the sensitive areas in men and women alike.

Back friendly!
All SQlab saddles are also available with active technology. Comfortable - efficient - back-friendly.

Test winner!
Since right from the start, SQlab has been the most successful saddle manufacturer in tests of German cycling magazines.

"As a urologist and extreme biker I know the importance of the saddle. This allowed me to develope the SQlab saddle width system and the shape of the step saddle" Dr Stefan Staudte

"The back-friendly active technlogy is simply ingenious. It allows the biomechanically perfect motion of walking which has developed over millions of years, to be transferred to the saddle." Dr. Markus Knöringer

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