SQ Labs Road Handlebar 312 R

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SQlab presents its first ever Road Bike handlebar available May, 2021.

The 312 R is extremely ergonomic, ultra lightweight, and is sure to keep you riding faster, long, and pain free. In terms of material processing, weight and durability, SQlab has already proven that we are amongst the world‘s best in the field of sports ergonomics and cycling products. In contrast to our MTB handlebars, a 10° frontsweep is used which decreases towards the end of the handlebar. All contact surfaces are optimized in every detail, such as the Ergobar at the bottom and the small cutout on the outside for the little fingers.

  • Ergobar: The Ergobar is an wave-shaped elevation on the underside. This results in a flat, slightly angular underside of the handlebar. It fits perfectly to the angled, bent fingers.
  • Maximum Surface: The area which is flattened at the top of the bar and extended forward is maximally large. This allows the fingers to safely enclose the handlebar and at the same time provides grip.
  • Grip Security: The combination of contact surface and freedom of movement ensure the best possible pressure distribution.
  • Angular and Areal: Thanks to the flattened outer surface, the handlebar is also pleasant to grasp in the lower grip and at the same time provides a secure hold in various riding positions.
Area of use Road & Gravel
Weight (g) Starting at 235
Clamping 31.8
Width in (mm) 380, 400, 420
Rise (mm) 15
Reach (mm) 80
Drop (mm) 120
Upsweep (°) 0
Drop (mm) 120
Frontsweep (°) 10
Color Matte Black
Material Carbon
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